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What a good Practice ACT Test can do:

To be accepted into a college, a high school graduate has to pass ACT. ACT is for American College Testing, a standardized test used as college admission requirement. This test is given to measure the general educational development of high school graduates. This test covers four areas Ė mathematics, reading, science and English. The score that the student gets will assess the studentís college-readiness. After graduation, the student can take the first ACT test available. But for students that have graduated and have been away from school for a while, a prep course would be necessary. The student has to have a prep course given that result will have a bearing on the studentís future. Therefore, it would be to the advantage of the student to take a practice ACT test before taking the real test.  

There are various strategies to prepare for the ACT. The student can do one-on Ėone tutoring or opt for prep courses are offered by private companies. Practice ACT test can be obtained free from the schoolís guidance counselor or from the ACT website. However, practice ACT tests that are available online for free appear to be the common choice. All these preparations are basically review sessions or refresher course as the scope of the test were already learned by the student from elementary to high school. Students would do the very same preparation for a major examination. So what are the benefits of free practice ACT test online? Needless to say, the free word would be a crowd drawer especially because an ACT prep course offered by private companies would need the studentís parent to shell out from $200 to $500. An ACT practice test though would be a very useful prep tool as the student will get to know what kind of structure the ACT test has. The test will identify the weak and the strong points of the student. The Act prep would then be focused on improving the weak areas. With the practice test, the student will be able to try new test taking strategies. These strategies can be a big confidence booster. Practice tests contain questions used in previous ACT test. These practice tests, just like the real ACT is time limited as well. Just as with the real ACT test, science and reading will have 35 minutes each, 45 minutes for English and 60 minutes will be allotted for answering math questions. The student will be made to answer the questions within the allotted time pretty much the same with the real test. Aside from getting acquitted with the structure of the exam and the answering patterns, the student will also learn how to manage the allotted time.

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However, not all practice ACT test are the same just as not all students would maximize the effort to prepare for this most important examination. Students would get more benefits from an ACT practice test that breaks down the scores into subscores the four areas covered by the test. In this way, the student will be able to see his weak and strong points and changes or adjustments can be made to the preparation course. The info provided above, mixed with other study prep tools will help you achieve the best score you can.



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